Partner Requests

The Run Wild team is proud to make a positive impact in our community by partnering with many wonderful, local charitable organizations year after year.  Our mission is to create a more active community by supporting initiatives in health, wellness and for our youth. Each year our team looks forward to increasing our impact by growing our partnerships with more local non-profit organizations.

If the non-profit group you are affiliated with would like to be considered as an event partner, please click on the Event Partner Request button below, complete and submit at least 30 days prior to your event date. Our team reviews requests monthly and will notify those selected immediately upon our selection.

Before submitting your request for partnership, please verify that your group/organization meets the following requirements:

  • Organization has 501(c)3 status
  • Your organization’s mission is parallel with Run Wild’s mission stated above
  • Request is for a non-cash donation and
  • Request is being made 30 days prior to “need by date”

Although our team would like to support the world, the following requests are not considered:

  • Organizations without 501(c)3 status
  • Individuals
  • Travel expenses
  • Political campaigns

Due to the tremendous number of requests for school related partnerships, school related requests are due:

  • August 15 for events with a need by date in September (same year) through February (following year), and
  • January 15 for events with a need by date of March through August (same year).

Please note no monetary donations are made to schools or school groups.   

Thank you for considering Run Wild as a partner and for your commitment to creating a more active community.

Partner Request Form